Export prices rise by 10.6% and import prices by 15.7%

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Export prices rise by 10.6% and import prices by 15.7%

The export and import prices of industrial products moderated their advance in November, although they continued at very high rates, of 10.6% and 15.7%, respectively, according to data published this Friday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

In the case of the export price index (IPRIX), the November rate was one and a half points lower than in October, while the import price index (IPRIM) fell three and a half points.

The industrial sector with the greatest negative influence on the evolution of the IPRIX was that of intermediate goods, whose annual rate is 12.2% (more than two points lower than in October), due to the cheaper manufacture of basic chemicals, nitrogen compounds, fertilizers, plastics and synthetic rubber and the manufacture of basic iron products, steel and ferroalloys, compared to the increase registered in November 2021.

Energy also declined, reducing its annual variation by almost eight points, to 7.5%, as a result of the decrease in the prices of the production, transport and distribution of electricity and, to a lesser extent, the refining of petroleum, which increased in the same month last year.

The only sector with positive influence was that of durable consumer goods, with a variation of 9.8%, more than two points higher than that of October, due to the fact that the prices of the manufacture of household appliances rose this month more than they did in November of the previous year.

Regarding the IPRIM, all industrial sectors had a negative influence, especially energy, whose annual rate decreased by more than 10 points, to 39%, due to the cheaper extraction of crude oil and natural gas and coking plants and oil refining.

It is followed by intermediate goods, which presented an annual variation of 13.1%, two and a half points below that of October, as a result of the decrease in prices of the chemical industry, and non-durable consumer goods, which placed its rate at 8.7%, more than two points below that of the previous month, because the prices of the food industry fall, while they rose in the same month of the previous year.

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