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Extinction Rebellion activists enter the UK House of Commons

Activists from the environmental protest group Extinction Rebellion entered Britain’s Parliament on Friday, massing around the chair of the body’s chairman.

The group posted a photo on Twitter (NYSE: TWTR ) showing five people inside the House of Commons debating chamber holding signs that read “Let the people decide” and “Assembly of Citizens Now”.

Parliament was not in session at the time and a House of Commons spokesman said staff were dealing with the situation.

“We are in crisis and what happens in this room every day makes us all look ridiculous, we cannot afford to continue like this. We need a new way of making decisions in which more voices are heard,” said one of the protesters inside Parliament in a video.

The group also hung a banner on scaffolding in the compound and the protesters barricaded themselves at the gates of Parliament.

Some areas of the parliamentary premises are usually open to the public, although access to the debate room is usually restricted to guided tours.

Extinction Rebellion often protests against climate change. Fifty people took part in the maneuver, the group said, noting that three of the protesters had booked an official visit to the building.

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