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Extraction 2: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

If you have not yet seen Extraction, the big Netflix box of the year 2020, we advise you not to read more… unless you like to be spoiled!

In just a few days, Tyler Rake, the film by Chris Hemsworth and the Russo brothers, had become the most-watched in Netflix history, breaking all records. The film inspired by the eponymous comic has been so successful that Netflix has already confirmed a sequel.

The first part ends on a stressful cliffhanger. It’s unclear whether Tyler Rake is alive or dead: there’s as much chance that the bullet killed him as there’s a chance it got stuck in a corner of his body without taking his life. Tyler Rake succeeded in his mission by rescuing the son of a criminal leader who had been kidnapped (and by killing 183 people, according to Netflix data), he manages to redeem himself and change his own story.

The Russo brothers are very keen on a sequel, and if there is any hope of seeing Chris Hemsworth again in the role of the hero (especially after the pool scene with a mysterious character), continuing the franchise without him is also possible. Joe Russo even said that Tyler was “just meant to give hope. Whether the man is real or from the child’s imagination, the idea is to imply, in an artistic and poetic way, that Ovi had a guardian who watched over him and who managed to save his life. In the future, this little one will have a chance to have a normal life.”

The Russo brothers said that the sequel to the film would not necessarily take place in the future: on the contrary, it could show us part of Tyler Rake’s past. So the movie we saw may well be the end and not the beginning of the story.

Here’s what we know for now about Tyler Rake’s sequel: 

First images

After revealing that filming had already begun, Chris Hemsworth also shared two footage of the new film. Without saying too much, not to spoil, these confirm that Tyler Rake is on a new mission, which takes him to a very different place from the first part.

Everything suggests that this is a past mission, where he seems to enter some kind of bunker or battle tank. One can think of a military operation that would have taken place before Tyler Rake became a mercenary.

The differences, according to Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth posted a photo of the new filming location in Prague, which he captioned as follows: “First day of filming of Tyler Rake 2. Two things are different from the last film. One: It’s very, very cold. Two: I’m alive. How? You’ll have to find out. Watch the movie. Stay tuned.”

It doesn’t say much, but it seems to confirm the theory that this is a prequel and not a sequel to the story we’ve already seen.

How will Chris Hemsworth return?

Believe it or not, Chris Hemsworth almost didn’t accept the role: he didn’t want to play only action movie heroes. But the story and the emotional journey of the character conquered him. And now anything is possible: if Tyler Rake is alive, what will happen next?

For now, the only certainty is that there is a sequel. Chris Hemsworth hasn’t signed a contract and we don’t know if he will be.

Sam Hargrave, the director, said: “If you watch the film and you think Tyler’s redemption ends with a sacrifice, then you understand it in one way, with the boy paying tribute to him through a vision. But if you liked the character and the possibility of him surviving makes you happy, you’ll see Tyler Rake in the picture.” By saying this, Hargrave opens the field of possibilities: to have Tyler for the future… or take another direction.

What is it about?

Nothing is confirmed yet, but since the Russo brothers have made it clear that the film is not necessarily set in the future, there is a chance that we will be shown some of Tyler Rake’s former missions, his training, or even the story of the family tragedy that marked him so much.

The actors

Apart from Chris Hemsworth, the characters who have a chance to return, if the sequel takes place in the future, are Rudhraksh Jaiswal, who plays Ovi Mahajan, and Golshifteh Farahani, who plays Nik Khan.

And when does it come out?

It took a few years to film and release the first part, and it is likely that the sequel will be released in 2022, but obviously, it all depends on the evolution of the pandemic and the schedule of films that have been delayed during successive lockdowns.

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