Extreme macro photography: insects and spiders with an image scale beyond 1: 1

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Spiders and insects cause disgust or even fear in many people. At the same time, we are surrounded by them directly throughout our lives without them posing any danger.

Many of them are so small that you can’t even see the innumerable details that make them real beauties with the naked eye. Mostly one perceives them simply as a small, crawling “something”. Quite a few native jumping spider species are only a few millimeters tall, and with their huge googly eyes and tall hair-dryer, they look downright cute. Our camera equipment helps us to discover and explore this unknown world. The first time you see these animals on the camera display through the enlargement of a special macro lens is a real aha experience: even brakes, which you previously only perceived as annoying bloodsuckers, suddenly become coveted and welcomed motifs . Their eyes are among the most beautiful in the entire insect kingdom.

The life of these small animals is no less exciting than that of lions, crocodiles or elephants in Africa. They too struggle daily for bare survival and yet take care of their offspring with great sacrifice. A big advantage for us photographers is that we don’t have to travel thousands of kilometers for these subjects. A short walk to your own garden or the nearby park is enough and you immerse yourself in the fascinating world of spiders and insects.

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