Ezio Oliva surprises when eating insects in Mexico: “It tastes delicious” | VIDEO

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Ezio Oliva he was encouraged to share a curious moment on his social networks. Is that the singer ate “chapulines”, edible insects, in Mexico.

“I saw the letter and a name that said ‘chapulines con guacamole’ caught my attention. Do you want to know what chapulines are? Look ”, noted at the beginning of the clip that he shared in Instagram.

Before the cameras, the Peruvian singer showed that they were insects very similar to cockroaches. This is how he decided to record the moment he tried them for the first time.

The husband of Karen Black he takes the insects in his hands, closes his eyes and puts one in his mouth. After thinking about the strange taste, he points out that it tastes great.

“It tastes delicious, like chicken, like” canchita “. It reminded me when I went to the jungle and tried the suri, I also thought the same thing, that it tasted like chicken “, sentenced the interpreter.

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