“Ezra Miller Trapped in the Clooney Verse: A Mind-Bending Adventure”

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The Flash: Ezra Miller would be trapped in the Clooney Verse

Recent trailers and information from The Flash have surprised fans with more details about the movie starring Ezra Miller, but apparently not enough. According to new leaks, there are many more secrets to discover about the adaptation of Warner Bros. to the interesting Flashpoint comic, which modifies the well-known story of the Scarlet Speedster, thanks to which it will be possible to restart part of what had been developed in the franchise in recent years.

Insider clarifies doubts from fans

The insider MyTimeToShineHello continues to clarify doubts from fans. This time it all started with a tweet from the CanWeGetToast account where a spoiler from the post-credits scene of the film where Barry Allen appears talking with another Justice League superhero is mentioned.

Though many fans hope that with this film the studio will end the actor’s stay in the franchise after the controversy, within the interactions another user appears who asks if Ezra really stays or not and that’s when the actor intervenes to say that he’s been relegated to the universe of George Clooney’s Batman.

DC’s opportunity to start fresh

The Flash is the best opportunity for DC to clean the slate clean with many details of the franchise, especially those that do not serve what Peter Safran and James Gunn intend to do now that they are in charge of the franchise. The promise of a new start and/or continuation of what had been done with the SnyderVerse and the studio’s attempts to adapt more of the publisher’s characters led to a disorder at one point, which is what could be corrected in the future.

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The Flash may not be the success that a studio could expect

Despite the great expectations for its release, The Flash may not be as successful as a studio could expect from a film of this caliber since sources from The Hollywood Reporter assure that it will gross less than Eternals (58%) in its first weekend. Taking into account that The Flash could get US $ 70 million in that period, it must be remembered that the promotion that is being done for the film is a great effort that also costs several additional millions that are added to the expensive budget of the tape.

In conclusion, The Flash will hit theaters in the United States this June 16, starring Ezra Miller in a story that will span multiple DC universes and many cameos of characters who participated in the modern and old adaptations in the different films that have been made throughout its history.

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