“Fabiola Martínez’s Reaction to Her Ex Bertín Osborne and Her New Friend Gabriela Guillén: Exclusive Insights”

The Birthday Celebration of ‘El Turronero’

The businessman José Luis López, known as ‘El Turronero’, celebrated his 60th birthday and did so surrounded by friends at a massive party in Seville. The event was attended by notable figures such as Bertín Osborne and his ex-wife Fabiola Martínez. Despite their separation, they have maintained a cordial relationship and have tried to normalize the situation.

Fabiola Martínez’s Reaction

When asked about her ex-husband and his new partner, Gabriela Guillén, Fabiola Martínez responded with amusement. She mentioned that both of them are living their lives, and although she could have come with someone too, she hasn’t found the right person yet. Fabiola expressed her support for Bertín’s choices, stating that he has been emotionally free for three years and can do whatever he wants with his life.

Alejandra Osborne’s Perspective

Alejandra Osborne, Bertín’s daughter, has already met Gabriela Guillén and understands their relationship. She believes that their focus should be on the well-being of her younger siblings, who are 16 and 14 years old. Bertín primarily resides in his Sevillian estate but frequently travels to Madrid to spend time with his children.

A Charity Evening and Foundation

Bertín and Fabiola recently organized a charity evening to raise funds for their charitable foundation. The foundation supports families of children with disabilities. This initiative reflects their joint commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Fabiola’s Thoughts on Bertín’s New Relationship

Fabiola Martínez was surprised by her ex-husband’s new relationship with Gabriela Guillén, considering they have been separated for almost three years. She jokingly mentioned that it was strange that the news hadn’t come out earlier, considering Bertín’s popularity. However, she remains open to new connections and values discretion in a partner.

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