Facebook adds voice and video calling functions to its main application

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Facebook is allowing some of its users to make voice and video calls from its main application. In this way, it seeks to facilitate access to these functions, which are currently part of its Messenger application.

According to an agency report BloombergAs of August 23, the social network began testing in some countries, including the US, as part of its effort to integrate all its services in one place.

Currently, to access Facebook messaging and video calls, you need to download Messenger. However, Mark Zuckerberg’s company is starting to think of it as a service rather than a standalone app.

According to Connor Hayes, director of Product Management for Messenger, in the future, the ideal is that users can video chat while playing games or watching video clips from the Facebook platform. “They are going to start to see a little more of this over time,” he said.

Facebook has tried before to link messaging with other of its applications. In September, it included the Messenger functionality on Instagram so that users of each service could send messages and make video calls with each other’s contacts without having to download both applications. Eventually, the company plans to include its messaging service WhatsApp, Bloomberg stresses.

Zuckerberg says that this integration of messaging services is a benefit for users as it reduces the need to download separate applications. However, critics of this idea warn that this could make it impossible to divide Facebook, as some US antitrust regulators want.

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