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Facebook and Twitter recommendation algorithms could be disabled according to a new bill in Russia

The deputies of the State Duma would be preparing a bill that would allow the authorities regulate and restrict algorithms that recommend content on social media, informs Kommersant.

The regulation foresees forcing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to offer users the option to disable algorithms that generate specially selected content in their ‘feeds’. The document will affect social networks, news aggregators and audiovisual services.

According to the newspaper, the Information Policy Committee of the State Duma has been working on this initiative for some months, since, in the opinion of the deputies, the recommendation services increase the risks of social conflict.

Committee member Anton Gorelkin stated in an interview with Kommersant that the document in the first place “foresees regulation of recommendation services of social networks “and pointed to the importance of” transparency “thereof.

For his part, Alexander Zhuravliov, president of the Legal Support Commission for the Digital Economy of the Moscow headquarters of the Russian Bar Association indicated that “the desire to make reference services transparent is a world trend“.

However, the project has already faced several criticisms. In particular, Mikhail Ilichev, general director of the audio service SberZvuk, compared this measure to the prohibition of traders placing products on the shelves based on their frequency of purchase or that municipal authorities take traffic into account when planning the sale. road construction.

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