Facebook closes agreements with the Argentine newspaper industry

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Facebook announced on Wednesday a three-year investment program in Argentina’s news industry to support nearly 150 media outlets of all sizes and regions in the country, and train more than 3,000 journalists per year. In addition to commercial agreements with dozens of media, the company will invest 1.5 million dollars in the next 12 months in funds for innovation and projects developed together with national associations, such as Adepa (Association of Argentine Journalistic Entities), Fopea (Argentine Journalism Forum) and the international organization SembraMedia.

”We are really excited about this investment, which deepens our continued collaboration with the news industry in Argentina. We hope to create more opportunities for people to engage with the news on Facebook while supporting the news ecosystem, including small and medium-sized media across the country, on and off our platforms, ”said Claudia Gurfinkel, Director of Facebook news associations in Latin America.

Under the News Innovation Test program, Facebook is developing business partnerships with around 30 Argentine news outlets as A24. Scope, Clarín, Diario UNO, El Cronista, Uncover, El Litoral, Infobae, The Capital, La Gaceta, La Nación, La Voz, Los Andes, Minute One, Page / 12, Profile, Río Negro, San Juan 8, Telefe News, All News, Uno Entre Ríos and Uno Santa Fe, among others.

”Facing this project with Facebook goes along the lines of valuing and recognizing the value of the journalistic content produced by media such as Clarín, which requires investment in talent and professional resources. We are taking the first steps on a path that has to do with sustainability of journalism and the information quality in the digital ecosystem”, Said Héctor Aranda, CEO of Clarín and Clarín.com.

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The News Innovation Test is an initiative to bring more media news links to the platform, in addition to the stories they already share on their Facebook Pages. These links to additional articles could be displayed in various spaces, such as Information Centers, among other new ways to connect people with the news on Facebook.

Furthermore, Facebook developed in alliance with Adepa, Fopea, Sembra Media, the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) and Adira (Asociación de Diarios del Interior de la República Argentina) a series of programs to drive digital transformation and build sustainable business models.

”At Adepa we vindicate the value that journalistic media contribute to the digital ecosystem. And we work so that this value is recognized. The path we are traveling with Facebook is part of the objective of strengthening the sustainability of the information industry. Since last year, we have generated recognized professional training programs for editors and journalists, and this year this contribution of funds for media of different scale throughout the country is added. We hope to promote this path in the coming years ”, said Martín Etchevers, president of Adepa.

Through these programs, the media will be able to access funding for the equivalent of $ 5,000 to $ 25,000, as well as consulting sessions with industry experts to strengthen their business models and local coverage. We will also work to train more than 3,000 journalists, journalism students, and media executives across the country each year.

The testimony of the media

Francisco Seghezzo, CEO of La Nación: “Facebook products are an important source of traffic for La Nación. This new initiative will bring our audiences even closer to the content we produce. We celebrate Facebook’s recognition of quality journalistic media in a context where disinformation reigns ”.

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Daniel Hadad, CEO of Infobae: “Infobae finds in this Facebook initiative the possibility of offering more and better quality content, reaching new audiences eager for information, at a time when it is vital to shed light on a news scene where fake news and censorship seek to bring confusion to the reality of the region ”.

Jonatan Fasano, Digital Business Manager of Grupo América: “In a context of exposure to unverified information on global and local events that affect people’s lives, at Grupo América we are pleased to be part of an initiative that proposes linking the media quality journalism to a platform with massive reach on the global digital community with the aim of accurately informing and providing journalistic service to its users. We are convinced that the journalistic rigor of our media added to the coverage capacity of Facebook are the way to inform people globally and locally ”.

Roberto Mayo, vice president, Telefe News Directorate at ViacomCBS: “The communication media adapted to the times in which we live. However, there is something that does not change: those who truly transcend are those who maintain the values ​​of journalism and whose objective is none other than to report with responsibility and objectivity. You have to save time in discussions and invest it in doing more and better journalism. This Facebook project reaffirms once again the value of the trust that the trajectory gives and how important it is to find valuable and reliable information ”.

Agustino Fontevecchia, digital director of Grupo Perfil: “At Editorial Perfil we have always been convinced of the value of professional and independent journalism for the digital ecosystem. This agreement with Facebook is a confirmation of that conviction and a good first step in building a new relationship with the large technology platforms to continue strengthening the digital ecosystem ”.

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