Facebook could delay the launch of Instagram Kids, why?

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Instagram is one of the most downloaded and used applications by mobile phone users. For some it is the window they need to see things that happen in other parts of the world, as well as the place to follow their celebrities and know what they do. This is done by users of all age ranges, but there is a segment that Menlo Park will have to wait for. And is that the output of Instagram Kids is on the air and its arrival on the market may be further delayed.

Facebook delays the launch of Instagram Kids

It is a fact that more and more children are using a smartphone, and it is not exactly theirs. We are talking about the youngest minds that reach the 10 to 12 age range, who just at that age are asking for a mobile phone before a computer or a console. To talk? partly, but above all, it is to handle yourself on the Internet, interact with others and, of course, play the latest trends. This would be the summary of who it is addressed to Instagram Kids, but unfortunately for some they will have to wait to have it in hand.

It turns out that the stop that Facebook has made, as published SlashGear, has been promoted by a study dedicated to mental health. In this it talks about the influence of social networks, especially Facebook and Instagram, in the development of youth, which they consider negative. Faced with these criticisms, Adam Mosseri, Instagram Director, has stated that “I have to believe that parents would prefer the option that their children use an age-appropriate version of Instagram, which provides them with supervision, than the alternative” imply that the content will be regulated for all young people.

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Mosseri has defended the ‘kids version’ of the app saying that “We were designing an experience for tweens (10-12 years old), and it would never be the same as Instagram today. Parents approve interpolation accounts and monitor who they follow, who follows them, who sends them messages, the time they spend, etc ”. However, there are not a few who do not want their children to be registered on social networks so young due to the fact that they are minors and do not want their data to be used for commercial purposes as happens in the classic version.

The app is waiting

The fact that a studio has blocked the exit of Instagram Kids will not be a problem for Menlo Park. On the contrary, they will have more time to polish the application before their departure, at which time parents expect a lot from the Internet giant when it comes to data protection.


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