Facebook Couples already lets you look for love in other cities and send audios

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For almost two decades, Facebook has been one of the leading social networks in the history of social networks. In fact, basically Facebook is the history of social networks. And although it is not Tinder, Meetic or Grindr, surely it has joined more couples than all these apps combined. For this reason, in 2019 Mark Zuckerberg and his team launched Facebook Dating / Parejas, an FB platform focused on finding a partner.

Facebook Couples

Until now, Facebook Couples allowed you to establish a residence area from which to search for possible matches. But this then limited the search to a specific area / city. In order to solve this, and seeing that there are many people who find love outside their geographical area, Facebook Dating has expanded with several new features that we are going to review:

Match Anywhere

Match Anywhere is a function that corrects the lack of breadth in terms of search areas, and gives you the possibility to establish two additional locations in addition to your place of residence to search for new ‘matches’ in other cities.

Audio Cats

Let’s face it: The problem many times in networks and apps like WhatsApp is that a text message can be misinterpreted. Dating wants to correct that with audio chats, or Audio Dates, that will make it possible for users that Facebook Couples who make ‘match’ can “dating remotely using audio chat“At the beginning of the call, an invitation is sent, and it is only initiated if the recipient accepts.

Lucky Picks

The algorithms of a dating service are always going to look for patterns of behavior and similar tastes. But the Lucky Picks feature will take care of skipping that, allowing users to choose people who don’t fit your preferences established in their profiles.

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The three new functions are already operational on Facebook Couples, and if they don’t come out, try updating the platform to start using them.


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