Facebook: How podcasts and live audio rooms work

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Facebook Not only will it be an application that can be used to chat, post news, videos, make live broadcasts, etc., it seems to have it all, but now it will be much more complete as it will implement the new podcast function, which includes the audio rooms. live that at first will be available only in Facebook groups.

It is a function very similar to the private voice social network Clubhouse, an application where you only interact by audio and lacks everything else like photos and videos. What is the podcast of Facebook? Simple, it consists of creating audio rooms or joining one of them to listen to a conversation. Through a statement, the company highlighted that initially the function will be available only for Facebook groups, as we said before.

What’s more, Facebook He said that the first to enjoy this tool will be public figures with verified accounts, among them is the American football quarteback , the Grammy-nominated electronic music artist , the artist and director and the athlete who won five Olympic medals .

In this way, the aforementioned people will be able to create live chat rooms in a podcast so that they can express different ideas to their millions of followers and even create a discussion forum where everything will be solely by audio.

“We are also working hard to bring Live Audio Rooms to Messenger in the coming months, so you can easily hang out with your friends as well.”Facebook said in its statement, implying that the tool will soon be available to all users.

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You can also generate income from this platform. When a live audio room is created, fans of the public figure will be able to donate a specific amount of money through Stars at their own free will. Also, there will be other monetization models such as: paying to access a certain live audio room. Next we will leave you an example shared by Facebook of what this function will be.

Article source: https://mag.elcomercio.pe/

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