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Facebook is committed to defending public figures such as dissidents or journalists from online harassment and intimidation

Facebook pledged on Wednesday to more emphatically defend public figures such as journalists, dissidents or human rights activists, among others, from online harassment and intimidation.

A) Yes comes off of the latest changes in the policies of the social network in this regard that coincided with the celebration in the US of the National Day of Prevention and Awareness on Harassment.

The social network will eliminate content directed against individuals “with higher risk“For example, victims of tragedies or opponents of governments, even if they do not violate Facebook policies. In parallel, groups associated with States will be blocked along with the account networks that are used for”harass or silence people“or to make mass posts on naysayers profiles.

No to online sexual assaults

In addition, the company promises that Facebook will delete any “severe sexualizing content“, groups, pages and events in which they sexualize public figures, as well as degrading images treated with Photoshop, among other measures. The company ensures that the decision to block sexualized comments will be made considering each situation separately.

When explaining the reasons that led to the introduction of the new measures, the social network emphasized that “becoming a public figure it is not always a choice, and that this reputation can increase the risk of intimidation and harassment, especially if the person comes from an underrepresented community, such as women, people of color or the LGBTQ community. “

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