Facebook looks for a way to analyze the encrypted messages you send through WhatsApp


In Menlo Park they continue their quest to make their services more profitable. It is a fact that everyone who starts a business on the Internet seeks to make a profit, but sometimes it is such a problem for the company itself that finding the formula is difficult without breaking some rules. And this is what Facebook wants to achieve with the introduction of a system that allows you to analyze encrypted WhatsApp messages.

Will WhatsApp have ads?

This is one of the questions that surrounds the minds of the developers of Mark Zuckerberg to make the messaging app profitable. On a certain occasion, the users of the service had to go through the hoop that if you don’t pay, you can’t use it, but in the end the company retracted. A few years ago, the firm had the idea of ​​encrypting end-to-end messages, which was an advantage for users but a disadvantage for the firm. On the one hand, it provides the security that your messages are safe, but the signature cannot read your messages.

Thenhow Facebook can analyze your messages to serve you ads based on your tastes? the answer is the homomorphic encryption. This ‘curse’ could be defined as a method to process data stored in the cloud and encrypted but without knowing the content. For many this could be a problem, but everything indicates that this could become the future of the company so that the messaging app has publicity.

One more application of artificial intelligence.

Of course, homomorphic encryption is not done by the work of a team of workers. Everything comes from the development of an artificial intelligence capable of shelling this data and thus achieving the objective of Facebook which is to monetize WhatsApp in one way or another.

Of course, this practice is not only developed by the Menlo Park firm, but there are other companies behind the development of this artificial intelligence such as Amazon or Google among many others according to what the media tells The Information, which is who has obtained this data directly from the Menlo Park company. Now we just have to wait to check the progress of the firm in this regard and wait to see if one day we see advertising on WhatsApp.


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