Facebook Meta will no longer show you ads based on your sexual, religious or political orientation

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Personalized ads to make them more effective, or abuse of this advertising targeting? Of course, today the ‘gold’ of this digital age is personal data, and ours go from here to there, from company to company and from hand to hand. For this reason, and to mitigate this, Meta (old Facebook) has pointed they are going to eliminate the Detailed Segmentation options related to topics that “people may find sensitive”.

Detailed Segmentation

And what kind of options are we talking about? Are “options that refer to causes, organizations or public figures “ related to health, race or ethnicity, political affiliation, religion or sexual orientation. Some examples include:

  • Health causeseg “Lung Cancer Awareness”, “World Diabetes Day”, “Chemotherapy”
  • Sexual orientationl, for example “same-sex marriage” and “LGBTQIA + culture”
  • Religious groups and practices, for example “Catholic Church” and “Jewish Holidays”
  • Political alignments, social issues, causes, organizations and political figures

Meta wants to point out that the segmentation options by interests that it is eliminating are not based on the physical characteristics or personal attributes of the people, otherwise “in aspects such as your interactions with the content of our platforms. We’ve heard from experts that targeting options like these could be used in ways that could bring negative experiences to people in underrepresented groups. We routinely review, update and remove targeting options to simplify our ad system, deliver more value to advertisers and individuals, and reduce the potential for abuse. “

Goodbye personalized ads… in part

According to Meta, “We know that this change can negatively affect some companies and organizations. Some of our advertising partners have raised concerns about removing these targeting options because of their ability to help drive positive social change. Others understood the decision to eliminate them.

We believe that the best advertising experiences are personalized. They help people discover small business products and services that they might not otherwise be able to. They also enable nonprofit and social causes to reach the people most likely to support or benefit from them, connecting users with fundraising campaigns for the causes with which they most identify.

At the same time, we want to better respond to people’s changing expectations of how advertisers can reach them on our platform. We also seek to respond to comments from civil rights experts, legislators and other stakeholders on the importance of preventing advertisers from abusing the targeting options we offer. “

Additional controls over what you see

Even after Meta targeting options have been updated, the users of its different products and services -Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook- “They can still see advertising content that they are not interested in. That is why we are also working to expand the control that allows people to choose to see fewer ads for certain types of content. “

Today, people can choose to see fewer ads related to politics, motherhood and fatherhood, alcohol, and pets. At the beginning of next 2022, when the measure takes effect, ” we will give people control over more types of ads, including gambling and weight loss, among others. “ sustain from the company.


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