Facebook presents the VR app “Horizon Workrooms” for digital teamwork

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Facebook presents the VR app "Horizon Workrooms" for digital teamwork

With its new project “Horizon Workrooms”, Facebook wants to promote group work in the digital world using virtual reality (VR). The workrooms are virtual presentation rooms in which people can communicate with each other via avatars. Interested parties can now test the application in a beta version, which, however, only runs on the Oculus Quest 2. Other models are not supported.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to convert Facebook into a Metaverse company. He sees the metaverse as a three-dimensional extension of the Internet in which one can meet with one another via avatars. Facebook calls the new virtual work environment the “flagship of collaboration solutions”. “Workrooms” have been used internally for months.

To use Horizon Workrooms, an account and the download and installation of the Horizon Workrooms program on a Mac or Windows computer are required. The virtual reality headset Oculus Quest 2 is required for the creator of a workroom and for everyone who wants to be in the virtual room with their avatar.

Own workplace in Horizon workrooms

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Up to 16 people can come together virtually as avatars in one room. For digital work you also need a Windows or Mac computer, the software itself runs on Quest 2. If you don’t have the appropriate equipment, you can still take part in a meeting, but not with an avatar and the associated options such as transferring the Hand movements in the virtual space. In total, a maximum of 50 people can take part in a meeting.

Outlook or Google Calendar, links and files can be shared in each workroom. As a bonus, there is still the opportunity to celebrate parties with your work environment, where you can listen to music and also interact with your work environment. The rooms and the seating arrangement can be designed individually. According to Facebook, the conversations and materials that take place are not used for personalized Facebook advertisements.


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