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Facebook’s smart glasses could serve as a spy tool, warns Russian FSB

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) warned this week that Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, developed by Facebook in collaboration with Ray-Ban, could be used as an instrument of espionage.

“Such lenses may have design characteristics that allow them to be classified as special technical instruments aimed at the discreet collection of information“, answered the agency to a question about the device made by the TJournal portal.

Previously, data protection organizations in Ireland and Italy expressed doubts that the small LED indicator in the corner of the glasses frame is sufficient to warn others that they are being recorded.

Should it be considered a spy tool because of its non-obvious recording alert system, the purchase and use of the device in Russia would be illegal.

According to Facebook, the Ray-Ban Stories, their first generation The smart lens kit, launched in early September, will give users “a new way to capture photos and videos, share adventures and listen to music or take phone calls.”

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