Factro project management: automatic saving against processing errors

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Factro project management: automatic saving against processing errors

The factro project management software has several new functions: On the one hand, it now saves all changes automatically; the corresponding save button is no longer necessary. When working on tasks in parallel, users no longer receive error messages that other users have changed them in the meantime.

Furthermore, factro has adapted the comment flow to the messenger standard: The latest message can be found at the bottom of the line and below this is the input field for a response. Formatting options can now be found in the input field, and several files can be added directly to a comment.

In the new item History, the software now summarizes the entire activity history. The comments should remain clear, while a logbook summarizes all activities of a task – such as changes to date and priority – in one place.

The tile sizes of the task view can now be individually adjusted. There are also two new forms of presentation for the task details: the standard overlay and split screen. While the former maximizes a task above the project view, users can use the latter to work on a task and in the project in parallel.

There is now a collapsible action bar on the left side of the application. There are also some keyboard commands for the tasks. Details about the update can be found in the provider’s blog. Factro is a SaaS application for project management. The developers are based in Bochum, the server and support are also in Germany.

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