These Facts On Scottie Pippen’s Wife, Larsa Pippen Will Make You Swoon

Scottie Pippen Wife

Kim Kardashian’s ex-best friend Larsa Pippen’s story, including her affair with NBA player Tristan Thompson and her marriage to NBA player Scottie Pippen, is included in this article.

Larsa Pippen born on July 6th, 1974, is currently aged 47. According to, Larsa Pippen has an estimated net worth of approximately 10 million dollars. Scotty Pippen Jr. (born in 2000), Preston Pippen (born in 2002), Justin Pippen (born in 2005), and Sophia Pippen (born in 2005) are the children that Larsa Pippen shares with her former spouse, Scottie Pippen (born 2008). 

Larsa Pippen made an appearance on the first season of The Real Housewives of Miami, which was broadcast for the very first time in 2011. After only one season, she decided to leave the show, but ten years later, in 2021, she returned for the fourth season.

The backlash from the public after the revelation

Scottie Pippen Wife

After being photographed in December 2020 holding hands with NBA player Malik Beasley while he was still married to his wife and the mother of his child, Montana Yao, Larsa received criticism for her actions. Montana Yao was believed to have been taken aback by the revelation. According to reports, Pippen and Beasley dated for some time before breaking up in April 2021.

Larsa Pippen asserts that she dated Tristan Thompson for approximately ten days before the beginning of his relationship with Khloe Kardashian. The former cast of Real Housewives of Miami alleges that she “kinda saw Tristan before Khloe, before Khloe or any of them realized he existed,” and that she was the one who initially brought him to the Kardashian family.

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Larsa Pippen had known the Kardashian family for many years before the middle of the year 2020 when it appeared that the entire family had stopped following her. Larsa stated in an interview for a podcast that Kim Kardashian West’s husband, Kanye West, had “brainwashed” the entire family to be hostile toward her. “I just get the sense that Kanye was at a place where he didn’t trust anyone with Kim,” she said. “I just feel like Kanye didn’t trust anyone.”

When Larsa’s marriage to Scottie was falling apart, there were rumors that she had begun a love relationship with the rapper Future while she was still with the sportsman. Larsa disproved the rumors by posting the following on her Instagram account: “I’ll take a beating openly. People accused me of cheating when it didn’t work out that way. There was no sign of him anywhere. Credit:

Larsa Pippen, then known as Younan, tied the knot with professional basketball player Scottie Pippen in 1997, and the couple went on to have four children together. After 21 years of marriage, Scottie filed for divorce from Larsa in 2016, but the couple later reconciled. Scottie filed for divorce from Larsa once more in 2018, and the couple is now officially divorced. Larsa stated to TMZ that she and her husband had “both worked very hard for a long time to make our marriage work,” but they ultimately concluded that it would be best for them to live separate lives. 

An affair that was laced with retaliation throughout it

Scottie Pippen Wife

A millionaire rapper began an affair with Scottie Pippen’s wife to exact revenge on Michael Jordan’s teammate for being rude to the rapper. Scottie Pippen was among the league’s most famous figures in his heyday as an NBA player. He established himself as a bona fide basketball icon while playing for the Chicago Bulls alongside Michael Jordan. To this day, his partnership with Jordan is considered one of the most successful duos in the annals of NBA history. Their unrivaled dominance over the league for about nine seasons in a row still stands today. No other team had the same kind of influence as they did.

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 Even apart from that, Scottie Pippen was already a star in his own right. A further factor contributing to Pippen’s continued presence in the public eye was his divorce from Larsa Pippen. Scottie married Larsa Pippen in 1997. Over two decades had passed since the couple got together. In 2016, the couple decided to part ways. The announcement that NBA icon Scottie Pippen and his wife, the Los Angeles socialite Larsa Pippen, are no longer together came as a shock to many of their admirers.

Even though no one understood the genuine reason behind their split at the time, many fans felt it was because of Larsa’s friendship with the Atlanta rapper Future. These were nothing more than rumors at the time, but they gained a lot of attention very quickly. The revelations from TMZ Sports were the spark that ignited the rumors regarding the two.

They showed images of the two of them appearing “comfortable.” They also said that sources close to Larsa confirmed that Future and Scottie’s ex-wife were merely in a casual relationship. This information came from the individuals who were close to Larsa.

Larsa has repeatedly disproved the rumors, and Future has never admitted that they are true. On the other hand, he has frequently utilized lyrics to imply the contrary. At least, it is what the fans believe will happen.

ASAP Rocky advised his audience that they should never deny requests from young people or fans to take their photos or receive a signature. He explained that he had gained this knowledge through the years and discussed the incident involving Future and Scottie.

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Scottie Pippen Wife

The concluding notes

Larsa finally broke her silence in November 2020 on the rumors that she had an affair with Future. She has also set the record straight concerning stories about her “relationship” with the artist. “He did not at all live up to my expectations of what kind of person he would be. He was way more unconventional and romantic than she had anticipated him to be, as she remarked.

Larsa Pippen continued by saying that although her relationship with Future did not progress to the point where the two could get serious because they were at two different places in their lives individually, she thought Future was still a “great” person even though it did not reach the point where the two could get serious.

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