FACUA sues Netflix for its recent price increase: it points out that this movement is abusive for the consumer

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Netflix recently got its subscribers in Spain to reach a new level of anger by announcing a new price increase. Now, FACUA (organization for the defense of consumers) has indicated this movement as abusive (via Engadget) and has urged consumer authorities to investigate the matter.

According to the organization, This price increase is based on a clause that directly violates the rights of users and that it would allow Netflix to modify the price at will. For this lawsuit, FACUA relies on article 85 of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users: “the clauses that reserve in favor of the employer the powers of interpretation or unilateral modification of the contract, except, in the latter case, that valid reasons specified in the contract concur”.

For its part, Netflix bases this move on its Terms of Use, which indicate that they can “change our subscription plans and their price when we consider it appropriateThis is where FACUA disagrees and why it has filed the lawsuit against Netflix. Finally, they have indicated that Nor do they consider correct the justification that the subscription service has given to its customers: “We keep adding the best titles to Netflix so you can continue to enjoy even more“, a message that they have repeated since the announcement of the price increase.

Now it will be the authorities who have to glimpse which of the two parties is right and especially if Netflix complies with the law. We will be very aware of how this demand develops, although everything seems to indicate that Netflix will end up getting away with it as on previous occasions.

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