Fallout 1’s producer Interplay has been mixed with unfounded rumors that it has reopened

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Publishing company Interplay Entertainment has announced that the post claiming that the new launch of the famous studio has been announced is fake.

now a closed account @InterplayEnt, with the shares it made last weekend, announced that the new launch of the company will be held in October and that the players will be informed with an official announcement on July 28.

The fake account later issued a press release saying that the “reopened” company is aiming to release new games for many of the studio’s best-known franchises, including Fallout, Baldur’s Gate, Descent, MDK and more. The post claimed that the new Interplay is actively working on 15 new games, including Messiah and ClayFighter, and will re-establish multiple development divisions. Check out the press release below:

Players were suspicious of the sharing

Bethesda has a license for Fallout and Larian’s development of the new Baldur’s Gate game caused players to be skeptical of the press release.

Not surprisingly, Interplay’s official Twitter account, InterplayGames, took action to discredit the InterplayEnt account and said, “We found that there are accounts on social media platforms that impersonate Interplay. Statements made by other accounts do not represent Interplay.”

It is not yet known who is behind the account.

Twitter later shut down the InterplayEnt account. However, no details have emerged about who was behind the fake account or its purpose. The players, who learned that the account was fake, asked the real Interplay to work on some of the series mentioned in the post.

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