Fallout Worlds update now available for Fallout 76: everything you need to know about the new game mode

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Bethesda continues tirelessly to seek redemption for Fallout 76, just as Hello Games did before with No Man’s Sky. The post-apocalyptic adventure has announced the launch of a new game mode called Fallout Worlds, which allows the user to fully customize the gaming experience. The mode is already available, so we tell you everything you need to know.

As you can see in the video posted by Bethesda Spain, Fallout Worlds users will have a total freedom to personalize your Appalachia experienceEither to offer a more extreme experience or to create a world of destruction or madness. The slogan of the mode is “Your world, your rules“.

The customization of the world allows us to adjust different parameters such as: CAMP budget (limit that we can build), fall damage, infinite ammo (and without recharging) and the behavior of bodies (physical), among many other options that you can see in the video or in the images that we share below.

The Fallout Worlds update is accessible to all users, whether or not they have Fallout 1st. Note that this access is to prominent public worlds. Members of Fallout 1St will be eligible to have your own personalized world with a total of eight friends. We can find different types of public worlds.

Fallout Worlds are now available in Fallout 76, as is Season 6. Bethesda originally decided to delay the new season due to a bug affecting levels and rewards. Despite this, he has decided to launch the new season and report when they have solved this bug. To apologize for the confusion caused, season 6 begins with special events that will take place from today until Monday, September 13.

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