Fallout Worlds will allow us to design our own world in Fallout 76

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Fallout 76 has come a long way since its launch in late 2018. Through multiple content updates and settings newspapers, have managed to pour a considerable amount of new content into the work, in addition to greatly reducing the problems that accompanied it in its arrival on the market. As long as you keep your promise, Bethesda announces Fallout Worlds, a new mode That will allow us create and customize our own private servers and that will arrive this same month of September.

It will not be the only thing that will land in the game in the remainder of 2021, but it will be what we dedicate this piece to, which has exclusive interviews with Bo Buchanan, Fallout Worlds Development Lead and Mark Tucker, Design Director on Fallout 76.

The ambitious proposal of Fallout Worlds

“One of the things we like the most about video games, and what we strive for in every game we create, is that you can make them yours. Not only in the way you play them, but in your ability to change them “, they comment from the game’s official website,” Our mod community It’s been a huge part of our games for over 20 years, and it’s always been our long-term goal with Fallout 76 to bring you your own servers to customize with your friends. After much iteration, we are delighted to reveal an exciting new system that is just the beginning of creating completely new experiences designed by each player. ”

With this introduction they make clear the objective of the game: to create personalized worlds and to the taste of each type of player to adapt to their preferences and adjust to their limitations. For now this is not a total design of the world of Fallout 76, but a somewhat more limited customization focused on modifying various parameters such as the number of enemies that appear in an area, the constructions that can be made in a certain area and various adjustments like that. As mentioned Bo Buchanan, they are implementing it “little by little to discover the limits of the mode and make sure that everything is not broken.”

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In practice it means having a wide list of customizable configurations available to be able to build CAMPs in previously restricted areas or even eliminate the need for electricity to establish a dream base. Another relevant point in this regard is the opportunity to change the PvP rules and the difficulty setting. With this, they intend to further open the range of target players so that everyone feels comfortable enjoying an experience adjusted to their desired level of challenge.

Although in the future the available options will be further expanded, for now we will have the door open to adjustments such as combining unlimited combat AP and infinite ammunition to be unstoppable, configure the spawn of creatures, control weather effects such as fog, nuclear radiation or even quantum storms, activating amazing jump heights (and turning off fall damage), enabling “ragdoll” physics, changing the height limit in settlements … all this and more. As if from mods It will be treated, but in an organized and legal way.

It is also worth mentioning that in case of not being great creatives and preferring to enjoy the configurations of other players, we can also do it through “Public Worlds”. These public worlds are a rotating series of Fallout Worlds experiences available to all players. Designed by the Bethesda Game Studios team with input from the Fallout 76 community, each public world uses a different combination of Fallout Worlds settings to provide you with a unique game experience. Something interesting is also the fact that when playing in these custom worlds we will not lose our progress, since the save files will be different.

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Listening to the community; the importance of feedback

Mark Tucker assures that “the future in this way will be influenced by the way the players react”, Thus demonstrating once again the importance that Bethesda places on its community when it comes to adjusting its works and making them evolve. In the development team they consider that this mode will have a “somewhat slow” start, since they believe that it will take some time for players to discover all the available possibilities. They say, however, that it will end up offering great opportunities for community events, mods and more.

Bo Buchanan adds that for now the response from the players has been somewhat divided, but that they intend that as time goes by it will really surprise the community, especially because of the new possibilities that CAMP will offer; “We intend to make this mode good for Fallout 76 and adjust it appropriately to what the community expects,” For both veteran players and newcomers”.

Fallout Worlds in full will become available in Fallout 76 at no additional cost with the new update that will arrive this month of September 2021. “It’s just the beginning”, they make sure to remarked once again from the Bethesda team. And we, as players, are looking forward to entering this mode and discovering all the possibilities it offers us, in addition to the path of extensions and improvements that it aims to have ahead.


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