Family of Jack Kirby Criticizes the Approach of His Project

Stan Lee Documentary Controversy: Jack Kirby’s Family Criticizes Project’s Approach

The release of the new documentary on the life of legendary comic book creator Stan Lee on Disney+ has sparked controversy due to criticism voiced by the family of another influential contributor to Lee, Jack Kirby.

Neal Kirby, son of Jack Kirby, issued a statement via his daughter Jillian’s Twitter account, in which he questions the way his father is portrayed in the documentary.

“It’s no big secret that there has always been controversy about the roles that were played in the creation and success of Marvel characters,” the statement read.

The statement also mentioning that Stan Lee had access to the corporate megaphone already the media, and used this position to build his own mythos in relation to the creation of Marvel characters.

Neal Kirby points out that his father, Jack Kirby, was a fundamental figure in the creation of these characters, and that his knowledge of history, mythology, and science was extensive.

In the same way, the statement criticizes the credits that Stan Lee received in regards to the creation of characters, noting that he is credited as co-creator of practically all the characters created by The House of Ideas during the 1960s.

Neal Kirby raises the question of whether Lee actually had a hand in creating all of the characters and questions whether another co-creator pitched Lee the ideas.

The statement forcefully concludes with an iconic Stan Lee reference, “‘needless to say more,” thus expressing the Kirby family’s discontent with the documentary’s approach.

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The documentary, released on Friday, June 16, seeks to explore Stan Lee’s rise at Marvel from his early days with the company to becoming a publisher and beyond.

It highlights his popularity gained from appearing in numerous Marvel live-action projects released between the late 1990s and his passing in 2018.

This controversy highlights the tensions and differences of opinion that have existed for years in the comic book industry around the attribution of credits and the importance of the various creators in the genesis of the iconic Marvel characters.

The narrative surrounding the life and legacy of Stan Lee continues to be the subject of debate, and the disagreements between the families of the creators are an indication of the complexity of this discussion.

Stan Lee (84%), the Disney+ documentary, has generated mixed reactions, and the criticism expressed by Neal Kirby, son of Jack Kirby, highlights the Kirby family’s dissatisfaction with the way which features his father’s contribution to the creation of Marvel characters.

This controversy reminds us that comic book history is fertile ground for debates about recognition and legacy, and that the views of different contributors and creators can vary significantly.

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