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Famous Celebrity Calls Out ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants

A famous comedian recently took to social media to express his surprise after none of the contestants on a game show could identify him. Eric Andre was left stunned when all three players on “Jeopardy!” were unable to name him despite having a clue and his photo displayed during an episode last week.

Viewers often acknowledge that some of the toughest questions on “Jeopardy!” are not always academic. A pop culture-focused version of the show is set to premiere soon, highlighting the kinds of questions regular contestants typically struggle with.

In the episode aired last week, contestants Cat Pisacano, Matt Brooks, and Zoe Strassfield were faced with a $2,000 clue under the “Guests on Hot Ones” category in Double Jeopardy. Host Ken Jennings read the clue: “On his Adult Swim show, this host destroys his set every episode, but says he is sedated in real life: ‘I meditate, jog. I eat salad.'” A photo of the comedian accompanied the clue, but none of the contestants could identify Andre.

The answer, of course, was “Who is Eric Andre?” He is known for hosting the Adult Swim series “The Eric Andre Show” and has appeared in movies like “Jackass Forever” and “Bad Trip.”

After the episode, Eric Andre reacted on social media. He shared a video clip from the game show on Instagram, captioning it with, “Damn they left me hanging,” followed by laughing and cricket emojis.

The official “Jeopardy!” Instagram account also chimed in. They commented, “This is worse than Bird Up!” referring to a sketch on Andre’s show known as “the worst show on television.”

Fans quickly shared their thoughts on the incident in the comments section. One pointed out, “I think being the 2000 question is somewhat of a compliment.” Another noted, “You could hear Ken’s disappointment.”

This isn’t the first time well-known celebrities have gone unrecognized on “Jeopardy!” In November 2023, contestants were asked to identify a famous country music singer. The clue read, “This country superstar’s ‘Friends In Low Places’ was named CMA Single of the Year in 1991.” A photo of the singer accompanied the clue.

Once again, none of the contestants buzzed in with an answer, which surprised host Ken Jennings. He remarked, “How soon we forget. That’s Chris Gaines’ alter ego, Garth Brooks.”

Viewers were equally stunned by the players’ failure to recognize Garth Brooks. Social media buzzed with reactions. One person tweeted, “How do these three not know who Garth Brooks is?? Even if you aren’t a country fan, he’s one of the most well-known music artists from the 90s.”

Do you think you would have recognized Eric Andre? Share your thoughts in the comments below.