Famous pianist Richie Ray asks you to pray for him and his wife after testing positive for COVID-19

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Through a message posted on his personal Facebook account, renowned pianist Richie Ray told his thousands of followers that he and his wife tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19).

“To all our friends and brothers. Angie and I ask you to pray for our health ”, wrote in the first lines of his message. The musician said that both he and his wife have symptoms of the disease; however, everything is under control. In addition, he was optimistic that they will soon overcome the virus.

“We are infected with COVID-19 and we have symptoms, but everything is under control and we will get out of this very soon”he added.

On the other hand, the pianist said that this week he will not be doing the usual ‘Live’ of the Word and the Prayer. “This week we will not do the Live of the Word and Prayer, but for sure next week we will be back”, Ray wrote on Facebook.

After his message, the composer also received hundreds of messages from fans, who wished them a speedy recovery.

“I have you in prayer for your prompt and complete improvement in the name of God”, “Blessings, dear teacher Richie Ray and his wife. In the hands of God ”,“ God keep you Brothers. The precious blood of Jesus cleanses them from all sickness. I ask the Most High for healing for you. I love you from Venezuela ”,“ Richie dear, you will soon recover. Our prayers for you. God bless you always “, are some reactions from his fans.

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