Fan asks his “rival” to marry him in the Copa Libertadores final and the response goes viral

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The soccer is the most beautiful sport in the world? Yes for many, because it mixes passion, love and feelings. A clear example was presented in the recent final of the Copa Libertadores: a person from the public surprised and asked his partner to marry him in the stands of the Centennial of Montevideo (Uruguay). Immediately, the woman’s response became viral and the reactions in the social networks they did not wait.

Before the match between Palmeiras and Flamengo began, television cameras captured the precise moment when a ‘red-black’ fan proposed to his girlfriend, a ‘verdao’ sympathizer, in front of all the people who were present at the mythical Centennial .

With all eyes on, the supporter of the ‘Fla’ knelt on the platform, took out the box that had the ring and declared himself, to then provoke the tremendous emotion of his beloved and take the long-awaited “yes, I accept”. Seconds later, the couple sealed the romantic moment with a hug and received the applause of both fans. The images were broadcast on the stadium’s giant screen.

Those now engaged are club rivals, as the man is a Flamengo fan, while the woman is a Palmeiras fan. Despite this, they maintain a romantic relationship. They are even close to getting married. This shows, once again, that football is capable of anything. “May you be very happy”, “congratulations”, “love is so beautiful”; were some of the comments posted on the networks.

Palmeiras won the Copa Libertadores trophy for the second time in a row. Abel Ferreira’s team opened the scoring in the first half. However, Flamengo reacted and scored the temporary tie (1-1) over the complement. In extra time, Deyverson took advantage of a defensive fault and gave the victory to the ‘alviverde’ team.

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To once again conquer the title achieved in the 1999 and 2020 editions, Palmeiras beat Atlético Mineiro, Sao Paulo and Universidad Católica de Chile. In the group stage, they beat Defensa y Justicia, Independiente del Valle and Universitario de Deportes.

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