Fan-developed remake of Half-Life 2 is coming to Steam: Valve allowed

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The remake of Valve’s classic Half-Life 2, called Half-Life 2: Remastered Collection, developed by fans, is preparing to be released on Steam after Valve’s permission.

The game is listed last year database site SteamDB, but the page has been dormant since then and there was no improvement. According to the game’s Steam DB page, Half-Life 2 Remastered Collection is not currently in development by Valve. The developer is a modder named Filip Victor. Himself Released on the Steam store in 2015 You may be familiar with Half-Life 2: Update mode.

Tyler McVicker, who we know with the news about Valve, addressed the speculations that have been circulating lately about the game with a tweet and stated that he can “confirm that the project is real” and that the game was “developed by the old Half-Life 2: Update team”.

The original Half-Life 2: Update mod was released on the Steam store in 2015 and was a 7GB add-on with visual enhancements to Half-Life 2 and two subsequent DLC packs. The mod offered more advanced lighting effects and more detailed environment textures. It also seemed to fix a number of bugs found in the original PC version of the game.

While it is understood that the Remastered Collection will include the base game and Episodes 1 and 2, there are not many details about the game. However, modder Filip Victor recently hayranlara Half-Life 2: Update threadHe spoke assertively, saying that the new version will “leave zero on the left”.

Although modders have been working on Half-Life 2 for years, Valve itself returned to the series with Half-Life: Alyx, introducing the company to virtual reality. MRT, VR game In Half-Life: Alyx review He gave the game 10/10.

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