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Fan Outrage Over Drake Comments Sparks Rick Ross Vancouver Fight

Fan Outrage Over Drake Comments Sparks Rick Ross Vancouver Fight
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Rick Ross’ violent confrontation in Vancouver is tied to his recent feud with Drake, sources informed TMZ.

According to insiders, the fight erupted on Sunday night when angry Canadians confronted Rick Ross. They were upset by his earlier videos where he took shots at Drake, also known as Champagne Papi, posted over a month ago.

The situation escalated when Rick Ross concluded his set at the Ignite Music Festival with “Not Like Us” blaring through the PA system, further angering the Drake supporters.

One enraged fan threw a punch at Ross, triggering a chaotic brawl captured in several videos. Sources say Ross was exiting the stage with DJ Sam Sneak, his manager, a few friends, and two bodyguards. One of the guards was attacked by multiple men and knocked down in the scramble.

Additionally, someone in Rick’s entourage was knocked out. However, Ross managed to escape the conflict and get to a waiting car.

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Earlier this year, Ross and Drake’s feud intensified, marked by a series of comments and videos where they disparaged each other. Ross notably accused Drake, whom he termed “cupcake Drake,” of undergoing a nose job and claimed that he wasn’t really Black.

Rick Ross also made a guest appearance on Kendrick Lamar’s diss track aimed at Drake titled “We Don’t Trust You.”

Despite the altercation, Rick Ross expressed his admiration for Vancouver, calling it a beautiful city and indicating he looks forward to returning. This suggests he’s not overly concerned about the Drake supporters.

However, performing in Toronto might present a different scenario.

Source: TMZ