Fan Token: Lionel Messi is partially paid for with crypto money by PSG

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The Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi receives part of his welcome money in cryptocurrency from his new employer Paris St. Germain (PSG). Messi received a large number of “$ PSG Fan Tokens” when signing the contract, according to a statement from the club. PSG does not mention the exact value.

Fan tokens are a special version of blockchain-secured crypto money, the company offers such things for fans of football clubs such as Juventus Turin, Arsenal London and Manchester City. With his move from FC Barcelona to PSG, Messi is the first football player in the world to be paid with such tokens, write and PSG.

The club, which introduced the $ PSG together with in January 2020, continues to see itself as one of the “most innovative and avant-garde sports franchises in the world”. The implementation of the tokens shows how the association is constantly finding ways to increase its sources of income.

That could also have been necessary in the Messi case. After his contract with FC Barcelona expired, he did not cost a transfer fee, but it is said that his hand money is 25 million euros, and he should receive 40 million euros net annually. For his old club, for which he had been kicking balls for 21 years, that was apparently not feasible.

Most recently, Messi is said to have earned around 138 million euros a year at FC Barcelona. The highly indebted club has to submit to strict “financial fair play” rules of the Spanish league and is not allowed to spend more on player salaries than it earns. Some of the Barca stars are now earning significantly less than before, while others are being sold.

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Last Tuesday, Messi signed his new two-year player contract with a one-year extension option. In the days before, the trade in $ PSG reached a volume of a good 1.2 billion US dollars, writes PSG.

Fan token owners can, for example, choose which motivational message should be displayed in the PSG team’s changing room. $ PSG holders can also participate in video conferencing with individual players, take surveys, and get discounts on merchandise.


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