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Fans are crying out for Batfleck’s movie

Reality indicates that Ben Affleck in Batman he was going to have his own movie written and directed by the protagonist. The antagonist was to be unscrupulous Deathstroke, played by the imposing Joe Manganiello. The idea was that this villain would disarm the life of Bruce Wayne piece by piece. Then the Dark Knight would be faced with one of the worst threats of his career as a vigilante: the mercenary. Deathstroke.

Personal problems of Ben Affleck, some point out a bad relationship with alcohol, led the actor to withdraw that alternative and Warner Bros. went on a campaign to go ahead with some kind of adventure to Batman. In the middle, the problem with Zack Snyder plus the failure of the version of Justice League premiered in the cinema. What happened? The producer hired the director MattĀ Reeves to develop The Batman.

Batfleck has stamina!

Reeves chose Robert pattinson like the new Bat Man, a decision that was seen with many doubts by the fans. Likewise, there is the memory of the suspicions that there was with Heath Ledger when he was chosen as the Joker and finally his personification was iconic. Pattinson has a bit of credit going for that learning. What doesn’t change is the fan request to see Batflek on his own tape!

#MakeTheBatfleckMovie is a battle cry on social media, accompanied by #RestoreTheSnyderVerse. The followers of DC Extended Universe they were fascinated with Batman de Affleck. And the Snyder cut of Justice League seems to have enhanced the desire of this audience to see Batman fight against Deathstroke… and the Joker of Jared Leto!

Batfleck has more stamina than Robert Pattinson on the net! That is undeniable. The followers of that version of the bat, imposing, with an image from the graphic novels, want to see how the story of the character continues. While Pattinson accumulates doubts with possible altercations with his director Matt Reeves and his unwillingness to physically condition himself for the role. Do youBen Affleck will play again Batman?

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