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Fans Concerned About Tom Cruise's 'Sudden Weight Gain' After Outing With Son

Fans Concerned About Tom Cruise’s ‘Sudden Weight Gain’ After Outing With Son

Tom Cruise was spotted arriving at a heliport in London last Friday with his only son, Connor, in a rare public appearance. The 29-year-old DJ opted for a laid-back look, donning a black hoodie, gray pants, and a baseball hat, complemented by a pair of sneakers.

Tom, who was just a few steps ahead of Connor, kept it simple with denim jeans, an off-white tee, and thin-rimmed sunglasses. Later, Connor was seen enjoying the BST Kings of Leon concert in Hyde Park, London, alongside a female friend in the VIP section, swaying to the lively music.

Their outing has sparked plenty of fan reactions, especially regarding Connor’s appearance. Observers noted that Connor looked noticeably older than Tom, attributing it to Connor’s recent weight gain. “Wow, Connor has grown!” one fan marvelled. In contrast, Tom’s active lifestyle, which includes performing his own stunts, helps him maintain a youthful physique.

Although Connor might not be as fit as his father, he is carving his own path in Hollywood with roles in films like Seven Pounds and Red Dawn. Additionally, he’s demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit through his business venture, Connor’s Meat Shack. The brand’s Instagram bio invites meat enthusiasts to indulge in a variety of meats, including Wagyu, brisket, burgers, chicken, and ribs.

This rare father-son outing has also fueled discussions regarding Tom’s relationship with his 17-year-old daughter, Suri. Critics have voiced concerns about Tom neglecting Suri, who recently dropped her father’s last name in favor of her mother’s middle name. The estrangement followed Tom’s split from his ex-wife, Katie Holmes, in 2012.

“Finally, Tom Cruise is being shown to be the deadbeat he is!” one Instagram user charged, expressing their disdain for the actor. The criticism extends to Tom’s dedication to Scientology, which some believe is a factor in his apparent distance from Suri. “It’s incomprehensible that he let a cult separate him from his child…what is he thinking?” another commenter lamented. “Cult over daughter… I only hope one day he has huge regrets,” echoed a third user.

Source: particlenews