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Fans Declare Ree Drummond Has the 'Best Dance Moves in America' in New Video

Fans Declare Ree Drummond Has the ‘Best Dance Moves in America’ in New Video

Ree Drummond doesn’t often post videos of herself dancing. But when she does, her fans take notice.

On Friday, July 5, the Pioneer Woman star took to Instagram with a video montage of how she spent her Fourth of July.

“It was a sweet, sweet day (and night!) in Pawhuska. 🇺🇸❤️,” Drummond, 55, captioned her update. “I had more and more fun as the night progressed, unfortunately, and Elaine Benes did eventually show up. 💃 Hope you all had a happy Fourth! 😊.”

The video featured footage of patriotic decorations, Drummond holding a small child, someone riding on a mechanical bull, various activities at a street fair, and more. Additionally, the Food Network star included clips of meat cooking on a grill, a band performing live and fireworks exploding in the night sky.

Fans certainly took note of Drummond’s carefree dancing and the fact that she ended up on the stage toward the end of the montage.

In the comments, Instagram users shared their reactions to the video, with one person writing, “I love how you ended up on the stage 🙌🫶 someday I hope to visit Pawhuska and get the PW experience. Happy fourth! ❤️💙🤍🇺🇸.”

Another fan pointed out, “Next year you’ll have a granddaughter to celebrate with!” referencing Drummond’s daughter, Alex, expecting her first child with her husband, Mauricio Scott.

Meanwhile, someone else declared, “Ree’s got the moves!” as another echoed, “Best dance moves in America!!!!❤️🤍💙.”

We’d definitely have to agree!

Source: Ree Drummond Instagram