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Fans Fear 'Days Of Our Lives' Show Is Getting Canceled – Here’s Why

Fans Fear ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Show Is Getting Canceled – Here’s Why

Days of Our Lives fans are worried that the show might be on the brink of cancellation after noticing some unsettling parallels with another discontinued soap opera. This concern has sparked considerable speculation about the future of the long-running daytime drama.

Next year, Days of Our Lives will celebrate its 60th anniversary. The beloved soap debuted on NBC in November 1965 and has weathered cancellation rumors annually for the past five to ten years. Currently, it stands as one of only four remaining soap operas, or five if you include Body & Soul, the fictional soap within a soap on DOOL.

Credit: 'Days Of Our Lives' YouTube
Credit: ‘Days Of Our Lives’ YouTube

Last summer, Abe (James Reynolds) became captivated by Body & Soul while he was held captive. This fictional soap opera featured several stars from DOOL like Deidre Hall, Mary Beth Evans, and Lauren Koslow, playing exaggerated characters.

Recently, Days of Our Lives introduced a storyline where Body & Soul gets canceled. This plot twist led Kate (Lauren Koslow) to suggest reviving the show by partnering with Abe. This move has made some fans nervous, fearing a correlation with the real-life fate of DOOL.

Soap fans with long memories may recall a similar storyline on ABC’s One Life to Live as its own soap within a soap, Fraternity Row, was canceled. This fictional cancellation served as a poignant send-off for OLTL before it ended its run.

Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes/Credit: 'Days Of Our Lives' YouTube
Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes/Credit: ‘Days Of Our Lives’ YouTube

Fans on social media have voiced concerns that the cancellation of Body & Soul could be a grim precursor to Days of Our Lives meeting a similar end. The show’s move from NBC to Peacock in 2022 has raised questions about its ratings and overall stability.

Despite these worries, DOOL seems to be holding steady. The show is planning an elaborate tribute to late actor Bill Hayes later this year, celebrating his character Doug Williams, whom Hayes portrayed for over five decades.

Moreover, AnnaLynne McCord, known for her role in the CW’s 90210 reboot, made her debut on Days of Our Lives just last month, signaling new and exciting developments for the series. Additionally, the show has been renewed through 2025, with potential for further multi-season renewals.

While the fate of Body & Soul might be sealed within the storyline, there’s no concrete evidence to suggest that Days of Our Lives will be leaving our screens anytime soon.

What are your thoughts on the soap within a soap becoming a major plot point on Days of Our Lives? Share your feelings in the comments below.

Source: TV Shows Ace