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Fans Rave Over Katie Austin’s Video in Tiny Polka Dot Bikini

Katie Austin has captivated her fans, with many deeming her an “actual goddess” after she posted a video posing in a tiny string bikini. The video gives an intimate look at a recent photoshoot Austin did with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, where she was highlighted as a Rookie of the Year alongside Christen Harper in 2022.

For this particular shoot, Austin traveled to Portugal, capturing shots at a picturesque winery. The behind-the-scenes footage, shared on Austin’s Instagram on Wednesday, July 10, features her striking various poses while standing in a vineyard. The backdrop shows a sprawling valley, adding to the scene’s allure. Austin, 30, donned a minuscule polka-dot string bikini, allowing her golden-brown hair to cascade down her shoulders as she beamed at the camera.

In her Instagram caption, Austin mentioned that she was the last model to shoot at the winery, affording the team the chance to “try some of the famous Portuguese wines” at a location rich in history and character. “It was one of my favorite days ever,” she confessed.

Reflecting on her journey with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, Austin revealed that her involvement with the publication still feels surreal, even years after first auditioning online in 2017. “Every year is so unique & special—from the location to the suits to the girls in the mag,” she wrote, urging followers to “always go for your dreams baby!! And always honored to be a part of this special fam🤍.”

The post’s comment section overflowed with praise and admiration. “Out of this world 🔥,” one enthused commenter wrote. Another Instagram user humorously noted, “Winery and bikinis what more could ya ask for,” while someone else observed, “Austin made all of that nature come alive.” Comments like “You’re absolutely Beautiful Katie!!” and “You’re not real omg!!! 🔥😍” were plentiful.

One person toasted to her continued success, saying, “To 4 more years and beyond! 🥂,” while another declared her “A perfect 10😊🌸🌷🌹❤️.”

Source: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit