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Fans Rave Over the ‘Goodest Boy’ at Eras Tour, Decked in Friendship Bracelets

Taylor Swift fans are buzzing over what they’re calling the “cutest thing ever” spotted outside an Eras Tour show in Amsterdam.

A fan shared two heartwarming photos on X, formerly known as Twitter, capturing a scene outside the Johan Cruijff Arena. The images show a service dog amidst a crowd of concertgoers, but what really stands out is the dog’s fashion statement: several friendship bracelets adorning its right front paw.

The tradition of wearing and trading friendship bracelets has surged in popularity among Swifties attending the Eras Tour. Typically, it’s the human fans who sport and exchange these bracelets, making the sight of a canine participant even more special.

The service dog seemed perfectly at ease, proudly displaying its bracelets while looking up at other Swifties who were busy trading their own friendship accessories.

X user @dearlovernjh, who posted the photos on Friday, July 5, tagged them from one of Swift’s Amsterdam performances and wrote, “im about to cry.”

The sentiment resonated with many fans as they responded to the photos online, sharing their own emotional reactions.

“That’s adorable!” one X user wrote, while another confessed, “this has actually made my day???”

Another fan wrote, “I love it! Puppy got friendship bracelets at Eras Tour in Netherlands,” and a different user exclaimed, “THE PUPPY BRACELETS OMG.”

It was clear that the photos struck a chord, with one fan quickly deeming the dog the “goodest boy (or girl).”

Swift performed her second of three consecutive nights in the Netherlands on Friday. Next on the Eras Tour’s European leg are shows in Switzerland and Italy, followed by dates in Germany.

Although the majority of Swift’s remaining tour dates are international, she is expected to return to the U.S. for a select number of shows this fall before concluding the tour in December.

Source: Particlenews