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Fans React Similarly to Twisters Sequel

Fans React Similarly to Twisters Sequel

Before the release of “Twisters,” Glenn Powell clarified that this film is not a reboot or a continuation of the original “Twister.” Rather, it stands alone, introducing a fresh set of characters. Therefore, fans of the original shouldn’t expect to see familiar faces like Jo Harding (Helen Hunt) or Rabbit (Alan Ruck) leading the narrative. While this might deter some enthusiasts of the classic film, early viewers suggest there’s no need for concern. The new movie not only holds its own but features performances from newcomers that justify the ticket price on their own.

Film critic Scott J. Davis singled out Glenn Powell and Daisy Edgar-Jones for their strong performances, praising the film overall. Lou Thomas also enjoyed the movie, particularly highlighting Powell’s enjoyable portrayal of a cowboy scientist. Digital Spy’s Ian Sandwell echoed these sentiments, noting that Powell and Edgar-Jones form a capable leading duo. However, according to Sandwell, it’s Brandon Perea who truly steals the show, stating, “It’s Brandon Perea who steals every scene he’s in.” Though Manuel São Bento found the storyline somewhat lacking, they still felt that Powell and Edgar-Jones’ talents significantly elevated the narrative.

Audiences can judge for themselves as Glenn Powell, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Brandon Perea, and the rest of the “Twisters” cast showcase their skills when the film premieres on July 17.

Source: Scott J. Davis, Lou Thomas, Ian Sandwell, Manuel São Bento