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Fans React to Megan Thee Stallion’s Feet Question on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

The long-awaited episode of Celebrity Family Feud featuring Megan Thee Stallion and her crew finally aired on Tuesday (July 9). Beautifully dressed in red from head-to-toe — and clearly having a great time — Megan came to play the game against Ne-Yo and his family. However, fans criticized the episode for a perceived “insensitive” question that was asked.

While at the buzzer, the show’s host, Steve Harvey, asked the Houston Hot Girl to “name something you’ve done to your mate’s feet.” Excitedly, Meg answered “massage” — which was the number one answer — and then chose to continue to play the round instead of passing her turn to the opposing team.

Social media users immediately reacted to the clip being used as promo by Family Feud and its network ABC following the episode’s premiere.

Although the question may have been light-hearted and just a part of the show, many felt that the “feet” question was a slight to Meg. As many recall, the “Savage” rapper went through a tumultuous three-year trial that ultimately resulted in Tory Lanez’s conviction for shooting her in the foot in 2019.

“The feet question for Megan would’ve had me looking at them sideways fr,” one person wrote on X, as another said, “Bi**h they on family feud asking Megan Questions about feet I cannot. This is messy.”

Elsewhere in the episode, the “Cobra” artist took on the rapid fire round where she answered a series of questions, including “Name something that might be curvy.” “Me,” she responded, before changing her answer to: “a body!”

Harvey’s reaction said it all as he began continuously clapping as Meg gave a 360, showing off her silhouette.

Take a look at Meg answering the “feet” question and showing off her curves.

Source: Variety, Instagram