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Fans Reveal the Strangest Thing About Olivia Dunne and Paul Skenes' Relationship

Fans Reveal the Strangest Thing About Olivia Dunne and Paul Skenes’ Relationship

When Paul Skenes publicly acknowledged his relationship with Olivia Dunne in an August 2023 interview, he highlighted the challenges they faced regarding social media. “I wasn’t on it during the season because it’s toxic. There’s no substance to it. It can’t help,” Skenes told the Pittsburgh Gazette-Post. This sentiment seemed validated when, the following month, he shared a photo on Instagram showing the couple enjoying a Louisiana State University football game. The comments were less than friendly. “Most hated man on earth,” remarked one Instagram user about the picture of Skenes with his girlfriend.

The negativity persisted throughout the year. In December 2023, Skenes posted a series of photos depicting their visit to New York City during Christmas. One particularly unsettling comment warned him to “sleep with one eye open pal.” There were repeated claims that Dunne was embarrassed by their relationship. “She doesn’t post your pics big man,” asserted another follower. This pattern continued even when Skenes shared a solo photo on Instagram in June 2024; fans still managed to drag Dunne into the conversation.

However, Dunne set the record straight by posting three photos on Instagram showing the couple snuggling on a boat ride in Pittsburgh. Even her most ardent followers conceded that they looked happy together. “Paul is going to pitch extra good the next game,” one follower joked. Dunne had previously opened up about the experience of watching Skenes play and seemed determined to show her support for him.

Source: Pittsburgh Gazette-Post