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Fans Say Kelsea Ballerini Is 'Serving Hot Cowgirl Summer' in Bikini Photo

Fans Say Kelsea Ballerini Is ‘Serving Hot Cowgirl Summer’ in Bikini Photo

Fans are praising Kelsea Ballerini’s patriotic spirit after she shared a Fourth of July-themed photo of herself on social media.

In her Thursday, July 4 Instagram post, the country music star wore a bright red string bikini as she stood in a backyard. She kept her poolside theme western by also wearing a pair of brown cowboy boots and a straw-colored cowboy hat. She aimed a smile at the camera as she reached her arm up to place one hand on the top of her hat while her other arm stretched behind her.

The ground around the pool was wet, a likely result of her two dogs hopping in and out of the water for a swim. When the photo was taken, one of the “Mountain With a View” singer’s dogs sat on a step just inside the pool while the other sat along its edge.

Ballerini, 30, noted the holiday in her Instagram caption, writing, “happy 4th of july!!!! makes me wanna hot dog reallll badddd.”

As a handful of fans recognized, part of her caption was a nod to the 2003 film Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde. In the scene that Ballerini referenced, the character played by Jennifer Coolidge commented on the appearance of Reese Witherspoon’s Elle Woods, exclaiming, “You look like the Fourth of July!” Coolidge’s character then expressed her desire for a hot dog.

“Legally Blonde quote 💯💯💯,” one fan wrote as another agreed, writing, “Love the reference Kel💖.”

Others similarly praised the “really iconic” caption, with one person commenting, “Caption is goals but so are you.”

Some people focused their reactions on the “half of my hometown” singer’s summery look, with one writing, “it’s giving hot cowgirl summer ft. new album 🥰💓.”

“[I]t’s the bikini with cowgirl boots by the pool for me,” another fan decided as one Instagram user called Ballerini “An icon ❤️.”

Source: Particlenews