Fans say this would be Kimberly Loaiza’s most recent surgery

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Fans say this would be Kimberly Loaiza's most recent surgery

Although the youtuber revealed that she would enter the operating room, she caused a lot of speculation among her fans since she did not confirm what would be done.

A couple of days ago, Kimberly Loaiza surprised her millions of followers with the announcement that she had a new operation to be done, what she called “some arrangements”.

However, although she allowed netizens to ask her questions about it, she remained very mysterious about it and did not want to reveal many details about what procedure was done. Not even now, after a couple of days, has he wanted to reveal what it was about.

But now, there are some new images that are giving a lot to talk about, after the older cutie showed some new images after she also returned to having dark hair.

There, his followers began to analyze meticulously and thanks to some stories, they have a theory of what the surgery that Kimberly had done could be.

Details in the video above.

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