Fans share the alleged evidence that Ester Exposito and Rauw Alejandro would be dating

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It seems that that viral moment of Ester Exposito had an “effect” on Rauw Alejandro.

In April 2020, Ester Exposito exploded his popularity when he took his Instagram account and published a video where he showed how much a fan he was of reggaeton. And is that The effect Rauw Alejandro made it the viral moment of the year.

The singer, who that same year had been romantically linked to Rosalía, came to share the extremely emotional video of Ester.

Today, a year after that iconic moment, fans suspect that things between the star of Elite and the Puerto Rican would have gone further.

And it is that amid the suspicions and reports that Ester and Alejandro Speitzer have ended their courtship of almost two years, social network users believe they have found the evidence that would show that the actress would be dating Rauw.

According to the photos and videos collected by the fans, this relationship has been developing since the end of May.

It will be?

The details, in the video above.

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