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Fans Speculate Kylie Kelce Teased Potential Baby No. 4 With Jason Kelce

Fans Speculate Kylie Kelce Teased Potential Baby No. 4 With Jason Kelce

So, you’re saying there’s a chance? Kylie Kelce hinted at the possibility of having baby No. 4 with Jason Kelce, and there’s even a “just-in-case” plan set in place.

In an interview with New York magazine’s The Strategist, the mother of three discussed some of the things she can’t live without. Among those things included some adorable, albeit pricey, pajamas. Fortunately for Kylie and Jason, having three daughters made hand-me-downs so much easier.

“We lucked out because we had three girls,” she said. “We’re rotating through clothes we bought for our first daughter now to our youngest, so we have gone through a lot of hand-me-downs.”

The hand-me-downs might have a little wear and tear, but that’s to be expected when “kids wear them a million times and you wash them a million times.”

Fortunately for Kylie, her favorite pajamas are also durable. So durable, in fact, they may one day see the light of day should the Kelces decide to expand the family!

“The Hanna Anderson PJs last forever. We still have some packed up, just in case there ends up being a fourth,” said Kelce so nonchalantly.

Kylie and Jason are parents to three adorable daughters — Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 3, and Bennett, 1.

Kylie and Jason Kelce with their daughters — Wyatt, Elliotte, and Bennett — enjoying family time at Walt Disney World Resort.

NFL/Walt Disney World

Kylie and Jason’s love story is as modern as it gets—they met on Tinder in late 2014—but also quite hilarious, largely due in part to Jason’s antics. For starters, Kylie, a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan, shared on Jason and his brother Travis Kelce’s New Heights podcast that she had no idea Jason played for the Eagles based on his Tinder profile.

“I found out years later that he thought that there was evidence in his profile that he played for the Eagles,” she said in 2023 on the podcast.

Then there was the first date.

After connecting on the app, Jason and Kylie met face to face at the bar Buffalo Billiards in Philadelphia following the Eagles’ holiday party with several of his teammates in tow. The night quickly went awry.

“I saw him and I thought to myself, ‘You’re wearing plaid and really leaning into the lumberjack thing,'” Kylie said on New Heights. “When we first met, he had the man bun still, a full beard.”

The night ended with a drunk Jason falling asleep at the bar, and he was carried home by teammate Beau Allen.

Luckily for Jason, Kylie agreed to go on a second date with him. And the rest is history.

In fact, during a Valentine’s Day dinner this year, Jason rocked a gray sweatshirt with the Tinder logo. But he got downright serious about his love for her during his emotional retirement speech in March after 13 glorious seasons with the Eagles.

“She was beautiful, smart, serious, yet playful,” Jason told the crowd on Monday. “I knew it right away. I think it’s no coincidence I have enjoyed the best years of my career with Kylie by my side. Every accolade I have ever received in my life has come with her in my life.”


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