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Fans Split Over Ryan Seacrest in New ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Promo

After an impressive four decades, Pat Sajak is stepping down as the beloved host of Wheel of Fortune. Stepping into his shoes is none other than Ryan Seacrest, whose inclusion in the new season has come with mixed reactions from the fanbase. Fortunately for long-time viewers, Vanna White will remain a familiar presence on the show, continuing her role turning the letters.

The official Instagram page of Wheel of Fortune recently released a promotional video teasing its return this fall. The video features Ryan Seacrest and Vanna White, both brimming with excitement for the upcoming season. The caption read, “Ryan and Vanna are READY! Who else is?”

In the video, Vanna and Ryan are seen partaking in various playful activities, showing their chemistry and hinting at what viewers can expect next season. Despite the upbeat tone of the video, many fans took to the comments to express their disappointment over Pat Sajak’s departure. For many, his exit marks the end of an era, and they are not ready to embrace the change.

The comments section was filled with reactions from longtime viewers who are finding it tough to accept the new duo. One user stated, “No thanks … I retired from this show with Pat. I can’t stand Ryan good luck Vanna,” clearly expressing their reluctance to continue watching the show. Another commenter added, “Wheel & Vanna deserve better!”

However, Ryan Seacrest is not entirely without supporters. Some fans are willing to give him a chance to prove himself as a worthy successor to Pat Sajak. “For me personally, I’m indifferent to him. I’m going to give him a chance. You got this Ryan, make Pat proud!” one user commented. The commenter also acknowledged the widespread discontent among fans about the new hosting decision.

While some viewers have chosen to boycott the show due to the change in hosts, others are eagerly anticipating the new season. “I’m so ready for the new Wheel of Fortune season to come. I’m feeling hyped. I can’t wait. We will all miss Pat Sajak,” said an excited fan.

Source: Particle News