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Fans Support Blackpink’s Jennie Amid Vaping Controversy

Blackpink’s Jennie has recently been criticized after being spotted smoking a vape in a vlog. The video, titled “A Moment in Capri With Jennie,” featured the star vaping while getting her hair and makeup done. Some K-pop fans took issue with Jennie’s actions and voiced their displeasure online.

In response to the controversy, Jennie’s record label, OA Entertainment, which she founded in 2023, quickly issued a statement. “We sincerely apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable with Jennie’s actions in the content released on the 2nd,” they said. The statement continued, noting Jennie’s regret: “Jennie acknowledges and deeply regrets her mistake of vaping indoors and causing inconvenience to the staff. Jennie has personally apologized to all the staff on-site who may have been affected.”

OA Entertainment wrapped up their message with an apology to Jennie’s fans, emphasizing their commitment to preventing similar incidents in the future. “We apologize to her fans who have been disappointed through this incident. We hope to prevent this from reoccurring in the future. Thank you,” they concluded.

Following the backlash, the vlog was edited to remove the vaping scene and reuploaded. Despite this, many fans rushed to defend Jennie online. One fan expressed their frustration on Twitter, highlighting the relentless criticism Jennie faces: “Jennie never got an apology for all the horrible, dehumanizing, body-shaming, and slvt-shaming remarks made about her on daily basis by the media and crazy people on social media, but she has to apologize for what? Hitting a vape?? F–k y’all.”

Another fan argued that Jennie, as a grown woman, should not have to apologize for vaping. They suggested that the backlash was only because of her fame. “Jennie shouldn’t apologize for the clip because she is a ‘grown-up woman’ and that people only made a big deal about it because of her fame,” they tweeted.

Support for Jennie continued to pour in, with one fan suggesting she should even post a photo of herself vaping defiantly. “If I were Jennie I’d post a photo of me blowing that s–t at the camera,” they tweeted. Another fan blamed Blackpink haters for blowing the incident out of proportion, claiming they simply wanted to see Jennie criticized.

In a show of solidarity, other fans rallied around Jennie by trending the phrase “We love you Jennie” on social media platforms, reinforcing their support for the international superstar amid the controversy.

Throughout this incident, Jennie’s fans have displayed unwavering support, characterizing her as a victim of disproportionate scrutiny and highlighting the importance of considering the pressures that public figures face daily.

Source: News Break