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Fans Walk Out on 70-Year-Old Cyndi Lauper, Leaving Concert-Goers Concerned

Fans Walk Out on 70-Year-Old Cyndi Lauper, Leaving Concert-Goers Concerned

Cyndi Lauper took to the Pyramid stage during the weekend, wearing a silvery corset and jeans underneath a dramatic baby blue jacket with fringe details. The pop icon arrived with so much energy but was left disappointed after many walked out upon hearing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

Aside from the negative reaction to her ‘80s hit song, she also experienced microphone issues and her pants falling off her waist. Regardless of the technical issues and wardrobe malfunction, Cyndi claims she had fun.

Fans expressed their opinion on X in response to the crowd walking out of Cyndi’s set. Her supporters shut down the critics, noting that she is in her seventies and cannot be the same agile lady the world once knew. “She looks fantastic though, and it’s easy to forget she’s 71 years old,” someone wrote.

Another suggested there was an in-ear monitoring delay, causing her to be a beat behind the rest of her band. “They all feel oddly disjointed, especially for an American session outfit,” a user said. Amid the negative remarks, Cyndi received compliments for looking undeniably gorgeous in her dramatic outfit and white tousled hair.

Meanwhile, Cyndi is preparing for her Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Farewell tour, which will mark an end to her time on the road. Performances will begin in October starting at Montreal and end in Chicago by early December. She promised to exit the world of touring gracefully, hence her dedication to giving a good show across these dates.

It has been a busy past few months for the singer, who released her career-based documentary Let the Canary Sing and did her handprint ceremony outside the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood weeks ago. She also continues to speak up on women and LGBTQ+ rights in America and actively participated in pride events such as the WeHo Pride Parade in West Hollywood, California.

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