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Fans Want Maggie Sajak to Host 'Wheel of Fortune'

Fans Want Maggie Sajak to Host ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Many Wheel of Fortune fans are still not on board with Ryan Seacrest stepping in as the new host after Pat Sajak’s departure. Despite Pat’s endorsement of Ryan, loyal viewers are expressing their discontent on social media. Now, there is a growing sentiment among the audience that Maggie Sajak, Pat’s daughter, should take over the hosting duties instead.

Maggie Sajak has previously stepped in as co-host and letter-turner on Wheel of Fortune when Vanna White was unavailable. She has also conducted exclusive interviews with her father and taken on roles as a special media representative during his final episodes. This exposure has led some fans to believe she would be an ideal successor.

Recently, a Reddit thread titled “Maggy [sic] Sajak should host the Wheel, and a man should flip” sparked discussions. One user argued that Maggie had been “groomed” for the role and would bring a fresh perspective as a female host with a male letter-turner. This idea received mixed reactions, with some users supporting it due to their unfavorable view of Seacrest, while others doubted her suitability for the job.

Here are some opinions from the Reddit thread:

  • “I totally agree. Ryan Secrest is kinda scummy too.”
  • “No I don’t like nepotism. Seacrest can spin the wheel, and we can find an unknown female to host that has earned it without being born on third base.”
  • “I would have been happy to see someone like Brooke Burns, Meredith Vieira, or Robin Roberts get the hosting job, but Maggie hasn’t shown any indication that she’d be good at hosting.”

It appears that while some fans are open to a female host, Maggie Sajak isn’t the overwhelming favorite. One commenter noted that Maggie excels as a social media correspondent and stand-in for Vanna White but isn’t necessarily the right choice for full-time host.

However, there are also fans who believe Ryan Seacrest deserves a chance. Some viewers argue that the focus should be on enjoying the game itself rather than the host. When Wheel of Fortune posted the moment Pat Sajak handed over his role to Ryan, some supportive comments appeared.

For instance, one fan wrote, “I’m going to give him a chance. You got this Ryan, make Pat proud!” Another commented, “I will miss Pat like crazy, but Ryan is a hoot, and he and Vanna will make it fun for the contestants and viewers!” (via USA Today).

The transition from a long-standing host like Pat Sajak to a new face is inevitably going to be challenging, and it’s clear that opinions are divided. Whether fans will come around to Ryan Seacrest or prefer to see Maggie Sajak or another contender in the role, remains to be seen. Time will tell if Seacrest can win over the show’s dedicated audience.

What do you think about this shift? Would you prefer Maggie Sajak over Ryan Seacrest as the host? Or do you believe the audience should give Seacrest a fair chance? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: TVShowsAce, USA Today