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Fans Worry Adam Busby Isn't Keeping 'OutDaughtered' Kids Safe

Fans Worry Adam Busby Isn’t Keeping ‘OutDaughtered’ Kids Safe

Although OutDaughtered dad, Adam Busby, often gets the benefit of the doubt from fans, especially when he is under criticism from Danielle Busby, now fans are calling him out. After seeing Adam interact with the kids, some fans are very worried he isn’t keeping them safe.

Recently, OutDaughtered fans spotted a safety concern when Adam Busby was talking about life with the quints. Although it is very apparent that Adam loves to have a good time, Danielle Busby often feels stuck being the “bad guy” when Adam focuses on having fun. Many times over the past season, fans were quick to take Adam’s side, thinking that Danielle was venting her frustrations on him without acknowledging what he was doing right. However, now fans are seeing some of Adam’s “fun” moves as unsafe.

In a recent post on Adam Busby’s Instagram page, people began to question his parenting. Within the video, Adam, Danielle, Blayke, and the 9-year-old quintuplets, Hazel, Riley, Ava, Olivia, and Parker, were with extended family enjoying a day on a boat. He captions: “What summer is all about!” Then, he adds, “We had some fun out on the water with the family yesterday. Here are a few fun clips!” While it was intended to show the beautiful day on the lake, quickly comments rolled in about the safety of the kids. Many people think Adam is being “reckless” with their outing.

  • “Kids should be in life jackets while the boat is moving and really the entire time they are on the boat. Reckless in my opinion.”
  • “Doesn’t the law require kids to be in life jackets when in a boat? Most places do. It can save lives.” Adam snaps back, “Not in a boat larger than 26′. We know the law here.”
  • “Wow, imagine not putting kids’ safety first because it’s not the ‘law’ just like they don’t wear helmets… one of these kids is gonna die.”

But Adam Busby isn’t one to take criticism from fans lying down. Immediately, he claps back, “It’s dependent on age, but also on the size of the boat.” Then, he explains, “The boat is larger than 26′. My kids wear them when they need to have them on. Thanks for your concern, but that was yesterday, and we are all safe and sound.” Furthermore, he answers another comment by clarifying, “It is the law for any child under the age of 13 must be in a life jacket while the boat is in motion.” Adam adds, “Maybe know the boating laws in Texas before coming on my page to tell me how to parent my kids.”

According to the Texas State Parks and Wildlife Department, “It’s Texas state law on recreational vessels under 26 ft. in length when underway (including drifting or not at anchor), all children under 13 years old must wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket. Adults must have a properly fitting life jacket that is easily accessible.”

While Adam Busby often holds his tongue when Danielle Busby is berating him, he isn’t letting fans run him over. In another post showing his newest drastic change in looks, he hits back. When he gives a sneak peek of his buzz cut, one fan is unimpressed.

  • “Ok?? You shaved your head?? Do you want a medal??” Facetiously, calling out someone trolling, Adam retorts, “All I’ve ever wanted was your acceptance. It’s what I value most on here. Nothing I do is ever good enough for you, Kori … always tomorrow, I guess.”
  • Another person takes a jab, “Nobody cares about your hair except you!” Adam keeps up with his spirit of fun, taking down pot stirrers. Adam says, “This post has more shares than you have followers on Instagram. That’s clearly not true. Btw… you are supposed to sit the other way on a motorcycle. 👍.”

Another OutDaughtered fan compliments Adam Busby on tackling the Internet trolls.

  • “Your answers to some of these outrageous posts have me cracking up. Love your sense of humor!!” Adam replies, “Anyone that is close to me knows that I say whatever smart a$$ comment that pops into my head. There were Internet tabloids that would have entire weekly articles about my clapbacks. Maybe I should bring them back…”
  • After someone asks, “Hey, what about Danielle??🔥❤️,” Adam answers sarcastically, “She would look terrible with a shaved head!😮 no way.”

What do you think about Adam Busby’s response to fans’ concerns about his parenting? Do you think the kids were unsafe? Do you think he needs to change his habits around lifejacket safety? Are you hoping to see more episodes of OutDaughtered? Drop your comments below.

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