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Fantasian – Part 2 Now Has a Release Date on Apple Arcade; what’s new from Mistwalker

Fantasian is back. Hironobu Sakaguchi’s new JRPG video game in Mistwalker will launch its second part this August 13 on Apple Arcade (iOS, Mac, tvOS). This is the last part of the adventure, the other piece of a puzzle that is now expanded to give a total of between 40 and 60 hours of gameplay. This part is approximately twice as large as the first and includes new features that we will detail below.

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Fantasian receives its second part on August 13; only in Apple Arcade

Mistwalker has been working on this second part of Fantasian in recent months with the aim of improving what was seen in the first part and maintaining quality standards celebrated by fans of the former Final Fantasy manager. We are talking about 50 new scenarios built through dioramas previously created by specialized tokusatsu edges; many more missions that the first part; Y 34 new melodies composed by the legend, Nobuo Uematsu, known for his work on Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger or Lost Odyssey.

Hironobu Sakaguchi is optimistic and is encouraged by the publication of this second part of Fantasian, since it improves the confrontations against the final bosses, now “more unique” and represents the end of a very personal journey, overturned with the essence of Final Fantasy VI, on which it is based.

“The release of the second part of Fantasian marks the end of the saga. Quite unexpectedly, you have doubled the volume of Part 1 and are more mission oriented, giving players the ability to progress through the world at their own pace ”, he begins by saying to The Verge. “The boss encounters are even more unique than before. On behalf of all the members of the development team, the diorama craftsmen and musical talent, including Uematsu, I think we can safely say that we have not left anything on the table, ”he says, again underlining his special attention to the detail, the warmth and the emotion deposited in each scene.

Fantasian Part 1 has been available on Apple Arcade since last April and is currently one of the flagships of the service in terms of exclusives.

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